Creechurch Capital pledges to donate 2017 charitable minutes

The team at Creechurch Capital have each pledged to donate 2017 minutes of charitable time throughout the year.

The ambition for the programme is for each person in the team to clock up 2017 minutes (or 33 hours and 37 minutes) of charitable time through any means that will benefit the local community. Each team member will donate their time through activities of their choice. Planned examples range from teaching local children about finances to dog walking to befriending elderly neighbours to marshalling at sporting events.

The initiative has been launched as part of a wider campaign centred around time. Creechurch will be supporting team members by contributing the option for each to complete their time using two of their working days.

Managing Director Mario Ricciardi explains: “This campaign will see us offer our time and expertise – something which we haven’t done before – to the benefit the wider Manx community. We’ve got a very talented and diverse team that I know have some truly innovative ways planned to donate their time. We’re excited to see the array of activity throughout the year.”

The team still has some unallocated time: If you’re a local charity or know of someone who would benefit from some additional help, please contact Mario at